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There are two types of tundra, alpine, in high locations, and arctic, in naturally cold locations near the poles. The arctic tundra is located mainly in Antarctica and the North Pole. It can also be found in the northern U.S., Greenland, Canada. Alpine Tundra isn't in such a set area though, it is scattered throughout the world, some of the places where it can be located are; the Baffin Is., Northern Scandinavia, northern regions of Russia, Siberia, and many more locations.

The orange shows the Artic Tundra.

The grey shows where there is Alphine Tundra.

In the Arctic Tundra there are 2 seasons; winter and summer.
The average precipitation the Arctic Tundra is 15-25 cm.
That includes melting snow. The average temperature for the
Arctic Tundra is -34degrees Celsius in the winter and in the
summer it is 3-12 degrees Celsius.In the Alpine Tundra there are also 2 seasons.The average amount
of precipitation is about 30 cm. a year. That includes melting snow.
The average temperature in the Alpine Tundra is -12 degrees
Celsius in the winter and 10 degrees Celsius in the summer.

The variations between Alpine Tundra and Arctic Tundra is that the Arctic Tundra is mainly in the northern hemisphere. Where as Alpine Tundra is scattered around the world on the tops of the higher mountains. The Alphine Tundra recieves more percipitation than the Artic Tundra. The Artic Tundra is colder then the Alphine Tundra in the winter.

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