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Tropical Rainforest: By Michael S, Jacob N, & Lewis C

Tropical Rainforests have many locations. The first location I will talk about is the Central American Rainforest. This rainforest used to be covered with trees, but now the area has been cleared for cattle ranching and sugar cane plantations. Like all other major rainforests, the jungle and mangrove swamp part of this rainforest contains plants and animals that can not be found anywhere else. Lastly, Central America is famous for its wide, stunning, variety of parrots.

The next location is the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon jungle is the largest of all the rainforests. This large South American jungle covers the basin of the second longest river in the world, the Amazon River. The greatest variety of plants and animals on Earth are located here. Many birds, plants, and mammals homes are in this tropical rainforest. 1/5 of all plants and birds are located here, and 1/10 of all mammals are located here.

The Tropical Rainforest that we will inform you about next is the African Rainforest. The Central African Rainforest is the second largest in the world! Madagascar, an island located off the coast of south east Africa, was once intensely forested but now much of it is gone. The African Rainforest contains areas of high cloud forest, mangrove swamps, and flooded forests.

The Southeast Asian Tropical Forest is hot and humid all year long. The rainforests here stretch from India on the east side of Asia, to Malaysia on the west side of this continent. An interesting fact is that Bangladesh has the world's most mangrove forests in the world!

The final location is the Australasia Rainforest. There are many wet winds blowing in here from the Pacific. Dense and lush undergrowth grows on the forest floor. There are many species of animal that live here, that are found nowhere else in the world!

Tropical Rainforest World Map

The tropical rainforests have two seasons, a wet season and a dry season. There is 203.2 cm of precipitation per year, which usually comes during the fall and the spring with a few dry months as well. The wet season has an average temperature of 25.8 degrees Celsius, while the dry season has an average temperature of 27.9 degrees Celsius. The Amazon Rainforest averages 23.36 degrees Celcius through out the year, the Australasia Rainforest averages a little below 18 degrees Celsius a year, the Southeast Asia Rainforest has a temperature about 25 degrees Celsius, the Central American Rainforest has an average temperature that tends to be around 20 degrees Celsius, and lastly, the African Rainforest sticks around 25 degrees Celcius.

Wet Season Amazon Rainforest

Dry Season Amazon Rainforest

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