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Temperate rainforests are found in various locations all over the world yet they still only cover about 6% of it. Most of these temperate rainforests are found in temperate areas along the coast but, that is not true for all of them. Some areas of these rainforests can be found along coastal strips of the United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, Southern Australia, and New Zealand. The largest ones though are found along the Pacific Coast of North America streching from Oregon all the way to Alaska. On the other hand some of the smaller rainforests are found on the southeast coast of Chile in South America. Here is a world map showing the areas covered by temperate rainforests:

The green shows the distribution of temperate rainforests around the world.

Temperate rainforests are much like any other rainforest. For example, in the temperate rainforest, the temperatures range from 4 to 20 degrees celcius in both the wet and dry season. There is about 1500 to 2500 mm of rainfall each year. The average precipitation each year in the wet season is 195 centimeters.The average precipitation for the dry season is under 16 centimeters per year. The temperature is usually determined by the temperature of the ocean that it is bordering. If the ocean that is by the rainforest is warm, then the rainforest will typically be a bit warmer. Most of the time, winters in temperate rainforests are wet and the summers are cool and foggy.

Temperate Rainforest Wet Season
Temperate Rainforest dry season

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