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Welcome to the Temperate Deciduous Forest Home page! This is where you will find information about location and climate for the biome. Patty K and Nick E welcome you to begin your learning!

A map of the world. The green is all Temperate Deciduous Forest.

The temperate deciduous forest is a fairly widespread biome. It is located across the eastern United States and occupies most of Europe. It also spreads throughout eastern China and all of Japan. For the most part (with the exception of the Midwest in the United States), temperate deciduous forest is close to the ocean. This stays true throughout the south. Australia's western coast and all of New Zealand is occupied by the temperate deciduous forest. In all of these areas, the trees have a lot of leaves and have moderate climates.
The climate of a temperate deciduous forest is, as it's name suggests, decently moderate, with warm summers and cool winters. The temperature ranges from -30 to 35 degrees Celsius. -30 degrees Celsius is the low point in the winter, while 35 degrees Celsius is the high point in the summer. -10-0 degrees Celsius is common throughout the winter, and 20 degrees Celsius is common throughout the summer. The temperate deciduous forest has all four seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. In the spring and early summer, these forests receive lots of rain. In late summer to autumn, however, these forests receive little rain. They get more precipitation by winter. During autumn the trees in this biome loose their leaves after they change in color. Throughout the entire year, and varying by location, these forests can receive anywhere from 50-200+cm of rain/snowfall every year.

Temperate Deicduous Forest in the spring

Temperate Deciduous Forest in the winter

Temperate Deciduous Forest in the summer

Temperate Deciduous Forest in autumn

VARIATION BY LOCATION:In the Midwest United States temperate deciduous forest, the temperatures extend the full range, from -30 to 35+ degrees Celsius (warmer winters along the southeast coast). However, in Europe, temperatures range from 7-15 degrees Celsius with 50-70 centimeters of rainfall annually. In Japan and East China, the temperatures average around 10 degrees Celsius annually. The cooler temperatures are because they are all near the ocean, compared to the United States.

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