Estuary Interactions (Fictional Story)

One day, I, Salty the amazing Salt Water Crocodile, was lounging in my estuary. I was thinking about Abert Acorn Worm tunneling under me. About how Lenny Lemonhead wanted to eat him, but wouldn't come near me. Albert gets protection from the shark, and I don't really care.
Then I heard Carl Canada Goose shouting, "Reptile reunion at the Black pine!"
goose_scan.jpgNext, Carl landed and ate Mooey Moss as he was mumbling,"I like cows." I swam to the pine as fast as I could. The only creature there was Secretarriat Horsetail. He looked so happy, I had to know why. He told me that Gooey Gut Fungi ate all the insects that were bothering him. Gooey gets a full tummy, Secretarriat gets some peace. I then asked where all the reptiles were. Secretarriat said, " You ate them all at the last reunion, remember!" "Oh, yeah. Yummy turtles.", I replied. "This reunion is about you finding more reptiles. I would look, but I can't move.", said Secretarriat,"Now go!" I looked near the mangroves. All I saw was Maddie Maidenhair Fern with Rusty Rust Fungus on her. Rusty is such a parasite! Then I searched in the water near hillbilli Herring. Next, near the stingrays. They were being devouered by Grouchy Roughneck Grunt and his gang. Poor Stingy.I thought harder and went up to Frog to see if he knew any reptiles.
"I'll tell you what I know if you show me where all the flies are.", said Frog
I showed him a particuarly dense swarm of mosquitos."So," , I said," about the reptiles..."
I realized he was bounding away. Frog was cackling and croaking like a hyena, whipping his tongue out every couple seconds. He soon disappeared into the dense mass of mosquitos.
After that I asked trees. Pines, Oaks, Maples, and Mangroves, in and out of the water. After about 167 trees and 70 or so plants and flowers, I came to a group of trees that claimed to have seen a female crocodile going south towards my estuary. Following a herd of guar that needed to cross the river.
Hearing the news, I swam downriver as fast as I could. Several animals hid when they saw me jetting through the water, some screamed, and others swam away.
My search for reptiles had lasted 2 days. Now, swimming at top speed, I started to make out the big, furry guar and a shining, scaly crocodile. I saw when I got closer that she was pretending to be a log because, since the guar had reached my estuary, they were about to cross. I went into log mode and swam stealthily closer.
croc_and_guar.jpgJust as I drew parallel with the other crocodile, the guar, a good twenty, ran right in front of us. They got to the other crocodile and she lunged at the second one. A full-sized male. She grabbed a leg, but the next guar kicked her side, loosening her hold. She redoubled her strength, trying to tear down the beast.
Near the back of the herd, I could see the dominate male find the crocodile and charge. I sprang at his neck and my legend-worthy jaws sank into flesh. I twisted, breaking his spine.
From that point on, the Reptile Reunion was the Crocodile Convention. For years after, crocodiles could be seen for miles around.

The End

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