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An estuary is a semi-enclosed body of water. Estuaries have a free connection to the open sea, and are affected by the ocean tides.
LocationEstuaries have multiple locations all over the Earth. All over the world map, they are labled as bays, sounds, harbors, and other names. The general location of estuaries is along the coast of all the continents, except Antarctica. A couple specific locations would be the Bay of Bengal and the Le Conte Bay, also known as the Glacier Bay. The Bay of Bengal is somewhat close to the equator, which means its description is a little different than the Glacier Bay, which is far from the equator. The Bay of Bengal is in the Indian Ocean, near India and the Andaman Islands. This estuary happens to be the largest estuarine delta in the world, reaching around 1300 miles. Meanwhile, the Le Conte Bay is located of the coast of Alaska, in the Pacific Ocean. This estuary is near British Columbia and Chichagof Island. The Glacier Bay is not very large, being only about 12 miles.
A world map. Estuaries are found along the coasts of the continents.

An estuary from a sky view
Glacier Bay is a northern estuary

ClimateThe Rio de la Plata is an example of an estuary. It has two seasons. It has an average temperature of 25-32 degrees Celcius. The Rio de la Plata has an average rainfall of 153.6 cm of rain in the wet season, and 38.4cm of rain in the dry season. It is located between Uruguay and Argentina. The Bay of Bengal is also an estuary. It has two seasons. In the summer season the temperature is 23-28 degrees Celcius. In the monsoon season the temperature is 26-32 degrees Celcius. The average rainfall is 318 cm annually. In the summer months, the rainfall gets under 5 cm of rain. In the monsoon season, it gets over 40 cm of rain per month!

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Rio de la Plata wet season

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Rio de la Plata dry season

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZzH86nzigOeIxi9uLcSJQxiEMKNgrsNn2zNbnXwgMxEx1gDfq

Bay of Bengal summer season

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRVlSt9v8umLfY9f9GvDJDwma6jIrOpIf4WLk9cPzH0hUD8Mi8F

Bay of Bengal monsoon season

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