Symbiosis Story
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One day in the coral reef town of Caribbea, there was a peaceful neighborhood of Chocolate Clown fish that lived in commensalism in their sea anemone homes. That day, Tony the Caribbean Reef Shark was especially hungry and went out looking for food.

Meanwhile, one Chocolate Clown fish named Jerry was going to visit Dr. Fin in order to find out what the mysterious ailment was that was causing him stomach pains. At the doctor's office, Jerry was informed by a grave Dr. Fin that he had a parasite, Franklin, by the scientific name of Enterobacter cloacae.coral_reef_clownfish.jpg
"Come back in a week's time to receive an update and some medicine," the doctor instructed.
On his way back to his sea anemone home to inform his family about the terrible news, was spotted by Tony, who was now starving. Tony snuck up behind Jerry and gobbled him right up.

Crab_Clipart_-_WIKI_Story.jpgThe crab cop, who was a Boxer Crab named Eugenio, saw this encounter and rushed to the scene of the crime. Officer Eugenio was part of a mutualism and carried two small anemones which he used to sting violators of the law. The two anemones didn't mind since they got a free ride and food from the crab.

"Stop right there Tony!" exclaimed the crab cop. "I am Officer Eugenio with the Caribbea Homicide Force, and you are in current violation of code 702, first degree murder. You are sentenced to life in prison plus ninety years. I'm going to have to take you downtown!" As soon as Tony heard this, he swam away as fast as he could.

"Hey, come back here!" Eugenio shouted after him. When he realized it would do no good, he sighed. "Oh well," he said to his anemone 'tazers'. "I don't think he'll be around here again." After a long pause, in which the anemones wouldn't respond, he suggested, "Hey, anyone up for Burger King?" 318 words

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